4 Seasons Skin Pass

A year’s worth of targeted facial treatments


SPRING: Be Vibrant – 12 Flower Facial

Vibrant skin blooms with the Be Vibrant – 12 Flower Facial. This ultra hydrating treatment merges the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and brightening benefits for pro-youth results that will leave skin radiant and spring-fresh. It’s the perfect skin rejuvenator for all skin types! (Available March-May.)  $120 / 75 mins.

SUMMER: Be Cool – Manuka Honey Facial

Escape the heat with a customized facial that will leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Replenish hydration, unclog pores, and load up on powerful nutrients and antioxidant support. Appropriate for all skin types, this facial is especially soothing after travel or excess sun exposure. (Available June-August.)  $120 / 75 mins.

AUTUMN: Be Delighted – Pumpkin Glow Facial  

Rewind the effects of the summer sun and lifestyle. The Be Delighted – Pumpkin Glow Facial dissolves, softens and exfoliates dry surface skin cells and replenishes nutrients and hydration, resulting in smoother, more glowing skin. (Available September-November.)  $120 / 75 mins.

WINTER: Be Restored – Winter Glow Facial

Winter creates a moisture challenge for even the healthiest skin. The cold, wind, and indoor heating can compromise your skin barrier, leading to increased trans-epidermal water loss and dry, depleted skin that is often dull, tight, or red. Snuggle into heated blankets while an Expert Skin Therapist evaluates the current needs of your skin and custom-blends calming and soothing nourishment to restore the glow to your winter rough skin. (Available December-Febbruary.)  $120 / 75 mins.


Commit to a year of sensational skin. One each of the Be Vibrant, Be Cool, Be Delighted, & Be Restored Seasonal Facials.  $400 / 4 Facials

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