Introducing IllumiColour Lips

Illuminate your lips with RA IllumiColour Rhonda Allison’s IllumiColour LIPS are an extension of good skin health, providing your lips a healthy, long lasting dose of hydration for a moist, dewy shine and luminous color. LIPS NEED LOVE TOO! Unlike regular skin, lips have a much thinner outer protective layer and no sebaceous glands or …

eZinc Protection Cream

Rhonda Allison’s eZinc Protection Cream

The zinc oxide complex in eZinc Protection Cream makes this formula a highly protective topical, giving skin much needed protection from the elements without leaving the skin white or pasty.

A light, anti-aging moisturizing cream that may be used day and night, eZinc provides strong antioxidant benefits and soothing, healing support. Provides a natural SPF18; not water-resistant.

Key Ingredients of eZinc Protection Cream

  • Zinc Oxide – provides broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays; provides healing support and antimicrobial and antifungal benefits.
  • Tetrahydrocurcuminoids – components of turmeric that have free radical protective, skin brightening, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Green Tea – provides potent antioxidant support.
  • White Ginger – Works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Suitable for all skin types, eZinc Protection Cream may be used on its own or over other nutrients and moisture. This is an excellent choice for men, teens, and anyone who wants a light, fast-absorbing daily protective cream.

Rhonda Allison’s eZinc Protection Cream may be used on the face and any area of the body for additional moisture and protection from external irritants.

Rejuvenating Stem Cell Mask

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5 Must-Haves for Spring Skin Care

As we get ready to face the great outdoors after a particularly rainy Vancouver winter, it’s an ideal time to take a look at your skin and freshen up your products for a healthy spring skin care routine. Any change of season wreaks havoc on your skin, and the transition from dry winter weather to fresh, brilliant …

Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

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Ingredient: Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey, a Recipe for Sweet Skin A not-so-secret ingredient to benefit beautiful, healthy skin is Manuka honey. Made from the pollen of New Zealand and Australian tea tree flowers, Manuka honey is an amazing natural substance with therapeutic, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. In skin care, these therapeutic properties make it perfect for fighting acne and stubborn blemishes. …