FX Methodologies

90-Day Skin Transformations

To get your skin into shape quickly, a targeted strategy and intense schedule of advanced treatments will work faster than occasional facials. Those can come later. But to get a jump-start on your skin transformation, we offer 90-day treatment programs based around common skin goals.

Over the years, we’ve developed unique and specialized strategies for targeting various skin conditions. Based on our successful case studies, these 90-day programs will completely change the way you feel about your skin.

We call them the Facial Expressions Methodologies.

Bridal FX Method

Is your skin ready for your big day?

Photographers can work magic with the photo-editing process, but we think brides should face their wedding events with smooth, clear, glowing skin before the pictures are taken.

Our 90-day Bridal FX Method is an focused series of treatments designed to transform your skin.

We combine bi-weekly corrective and advanced facials, mild chemical peels (if appropriate), technological advances in LED, and ultrasonic infusions into a unique, custom-designed Bridal FX program for each individual.

The initial focus is clearing congestion and relieving blemishes, then we turn our attention to smoothing and brightening the skin. We wrap up the series with a glow-inducing relaxing and hydrating treatment that will carry you through to your main event.

Bridal FX Methodology
6 Bi-Weekly Treatments
or 3 monthly payments of $269 (+gst)

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Rejuvenation FX Method

We call it the Botox Intervention. The Rejuvenation FX Method is an intense 90-day skin rejuvenation program targeted at smoothing texture, brightening skin tone, and plumping collagen to soften fine lines and wrinkles. We combine bi-weekly advanced facials, mild chemical peels, and technological advances in LED, ultrasonic, and microcurrent into a unique, custom-designed FX Method for each individual.

It’s like recharging the skin’s batteries, so that collagen and elastin formation increases, tissue repair occurs faster, muscle tone improves, and your skin can once again function more efficiently. It’s a more holistic and natural approach to maintaining youthful skin.

Rejuvenation FX Method
6 Bi-Weekly Treatments
or 3 monthly payments of $315 (+gst)

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Restoration FX Method

Red, reactive skin needs the Restoration FX Method. This edition of the 90-day Methodologies targets sensitive and damaged skin with a series of barrier-building Corneotherapeutic Medi-Facials.

We see a lot of thin, damaged skin that presents with redness, rosacea, signs of inflammation and/or reactivity. Much of this is a result of sun exposure, extreme weather environments, stress, and topical irritants.

Corneotherapy counters these challenges by restoring the skin barrier system, soothing and cooling irritation, and rebuilding the structural (collagen) support tissues for calmer, more resilient skin.

Restoration FX Method
6 Bi-Weekly Corneotherapy Medi-Facials
or 3 monthly payments of $315 (+gst)

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