Vancouver Skin Care

Facial Expressions Skin Therapy personalizes the Vancouver skin care experience and provides expert advice, education, and non-invasive corrective facial treatments in the Fairview neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.

Not quite a spa, cozier than a clinic, we are a resource center where clients learn about skin science and how various lifestyle, genetic, and environmental factors contribute to the vitality and wellness of a naturally beautiful complexion.

We are your trusted skin guides, sourcing the best professional skin care products and designing effective facial treatments based on constant research and intelligent ingredient selection, with the overall health of your skin as our compass.

We believe the life-long comfort and vitality of your skin take priority over instant, aggressive treatments or miraculous promises. Healthy, beautiful skin requires knowledge, and we are here to share ours with you.

Modern Meets Apothecary

Specializing in science-based facial treatments with a natural focus, our custom designed facials and professional product solutions are hand selected for every individual, every time, based on a detailed skin health analysis. We consider your particular lifestyle and environmental factors, and the short and long-term goals for your skin.

We are passionate about staying current with research, carefully curating those developments we think will benefit our clients, while gently turning away from anything we deem questionable, contrary to our healthy-skin philosophy, or simply too new for long-term effects to be well understood.

What we do differently is educate you as to the WHY and HOW of our recommendations, provide perspective, and continue to offer guidance and support long after your facial treatment. The Vancouver skin care experience should be more than ‘just a facial’.

Our Roots

A nurturer by nature, Licensed Esthetician Kristen Cheyne created Facial Expressions in 2013 to bring a more personalized approach to the Vancouver skin care experience and offer a quiet sanctuary where she could care for her clients and their skin on her own terms.

Recognizing that the best experiences and results are achieved by building trust and one-on-one relationships with clients, Kristen set out to establish herself as an independent resource for clients to learn about skin science and their own role in keeping it healthy.

Fast forward a few years and the time was right to expand into a broader approach, bringing other like-minded beauty, health, and wellness practitioners together to share resources, support and encouragement, and to provide specialized services that complement each other and our clients’ lifestyles.


vancouver esthetician

Kristen Cheyne, LE/COE

Licensed Esthetician & Certified Oncology Esthetician

Founder & Clinical Skin Therapist

Committed to curiosity

A highly trained and dedicated professional, Kristen Cheyne has a passion for research and skin science and a knack for turning her vast knowledge into engaging and highly effective skin care plans. Kristen continually seeks professional development opportunities and has over a decade of advanced skin education and experience that she incorporates into her Vancouver skin care practice.

With an eye to current research, but not one to prematurely jump on a flashy trend, Kristen takes a conservative, non-invasive approach and has developed a specialized strategy of corrective care that takes any skin through a step-by-step process of improvement. Skin CPR™ is the capstone of Kristen’s personal & professional philosophy about skin care, resulting in calm, protected, renewed skin for her clients.

 Independent by Nature

Kristen discovered the skin care profession in her 30’s after an unhappy first career choice and a decade of stress that had erupted into problem skin. The journey to clear skin and reducing her stress levels also led to the realization that she’d been living her life according to other people’s expectations. Freed of those constraints, she chose to reboot her life and career by returning to school to study her new passion: skin science. The result was a challenging and fulfilling vocation and a new-found confidence to embrace her independent nature. It is now one of Kristen’s personal intentions to encourage other women to think outside the box of societal expectations.

Beyond great facial treatments, Kristen provides a calm sanctuary where her time is yours, her continuing support is guaranteed, and her encouragement to pursue your ultimate happiness is a given.

Green-thumbed Foodie, pet parent, reader, gamer, expat, wine-loving dreamer

Outside of the treatment room, Kristen is most often found in her kitchen or at a local Vancouver restaurant, enjoying a variety of cuisine, with coffee in one hand and wine (the redder the better) in the other.

Kristen is a transplant from the Seattle area, trained and licensed to the high professional standards of the US esthetic industry. She made the move to Vancouver to be with her Canadian husband Bryan and their twin VOKRA kitties, Malachyte & Myntaka. Like any parent, she’ll regale you with tales of their antics with very little encouragement.

Her latest adventures include the development of Facial Expressions’ new location into a wellness resource, where she hopes to inspire her new team-mates and neighbors to come together in mutual support, encouragement, and community.