Seasonal Skin Care Treatments

Keeping skin healthy year-round requires regular check-ins with your skin care professional and should include seasonal skin care treatments.

Each season brings its own set of skin care challenges. Excess sun, sweat and oil production in the summer; cold, wind and indoor heat in the winter. What works for your skin in the spring will probably not be appropriate in the autumn.

Learn what you need to care for your skin each season by having a professional facial several times throughout the year. Of course, more frequent facials will give you the best results, but not everyone can find the time every month. Scheduling at least one facial per season is an easy way to remember that it might be time for your next skin checkup.

What to look for in your Seasonal Skin Care Treatments

For Spring, look for brightening, hydrating, and safe-sun education.

In Summer you need deep pore cleansing and sun-defense antioxidant treatments.

Fall is a wonderful time of year for rejuvenation and deeper exfoliating treatments.

And Winter demands moisture and calming nutrients.

Available at Facial Expressions are 4 season-specific therapeutic facials and a 4 Seasons Skin Pass for a year’s worth of targeted treatments. Read more about them here.

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