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Significant improvement in the clarity, texture, hydration and brightness of your complexion will be seen and felt after a single facial treatment at Facial Expressions. We work to relieve redness, manage blemishes and sensitivities, replenish the skin’s protective moisture barrier, and gradually rejuvenate the skin for improved texture, tautness and firmness.

Specializing in corrective, non-invasive facial treatments with a natural focus, our custom designed facials and product solutions are hand selected for every individual, every time, based on a detailed skin health analysis.

Need help deciding on a Facial Treatment?


New Clients: Introductory Session  |  $150

First-time clients are encouraged to start with an Introductory Session, a 90 minute block of time that allows for in-take forms, questions, an in-depth consultation as well as a custom corrective facial, usually focused on deep-pore cleansing and/or hydration. We discuss your goals, suggest some options, and go from there.

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Best Facial Treatments Vancouver

Seasonal Features


Spring FX – 12 Flower Facial |  $100

Your skin is craving a fresh start! Slough off the winter blues with the Spring FX – 12 Flower Facial.

This ultra hydrating treatment merges the beauty and strength of flower acids to smooth and brighten your skin, followed by vital nutrients and powerful antioxidant support for pro-youth results that will leave skin radiant and glowing.

It’s the perfect skin rejuvenator for all skin types. Allow 60 mins.

Available March-May.

Facial Treatments

Essential Facial Treatments


Fresh FX – Power Boost Facial  |  $85

Streamlined for Powerful Efficiency

Perfect for clients on the go or those that need fewer extractions and less massage. This treatment incorporates power-packed multi-taskers to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and soften skin, allowing deep infusion of glow-boosting vitamins and nutrients. Extractions are limited to a few key areas, while powerful peptides and rejuvenators will work to stimulate, firm and tone your complexion. Allow 45 mins.


Calm FX – Soothing Facial  |  $100

Relieve redness and smooth rough texture with specialty nutrients and masks hand selected to benefit all sensitive skin types, including those associated with rosacea. Allow 60 mins.


Blissful FX – Ultimate Relaxation Facial  |  $150

The ultimate in relaxation and results.  Carefully selected nutrients and masks will target your skin’s physical health while soothing massage melts your mental worries away.  Relaxing massage elements focus on lower legs & feet, and arms & hands. Fully customized, this extended facial will leave you feeling pampered and completely blissful. Allow 90 mins.


Natural FX – ElaSpa Organic Facial  |  $100

Client Favorite

The Natural FX – ElaSpa Organic Facial features ethically- and sustainably-sourced 100% natural, 98% certified organic ingredients. Gentle, yet powerfully effective, elaspa professional skin care will leave your skin smooth, radiant, and revitalized. Customizable to target anti-aging, redness and sensitivities, brightening, and oil control. Allow 45 mins.


Elemental FX – Hyaluronic-Infused ElaSpa Organic Facial  |  $135

*New Upgraded Option*
We’ve incorporated our most popular treatment upgrade (Hyaluronic Infusion) into this extended ElaSpa facial. Non-invasive ultrasonic technology infuses mega-doses of organic hyaluronic and oxygenating serums into the skin, resulting in plump, hydrated skin. Allow 60 mins.

Corrective Facial Treatments


Clarity FX – Deep Pore Cleansing Facial  |  $100

Most Popular – Formerly named ‘Be Cleansed’

Skin will feel refreshed and balanced after targeted cleansing and exfoliation to prepare for gentle but thorough extractions. To finish, a powerful infusion of calming and soothing vitamins, herbs and minerals will give your skin a boost.  Skin never had it so clean. Allow 60 mins.


Ultra Clarity FX – Extreme Edition Facial  |  $150

Best for acne

For extensive pore cleansing and blemish control, this super-sized version of the Clarity FX – Deep Pore Cleansing Facial includes extra time for maximum extractions to reduce congestion and minimize the chance of scarring, plus extra calming support with blue LED lights. Allow 90 mins.


Bright FX – Pigment Brightening Facial  |  $125

Brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots with a unique blend of pigment-targeting enzymes and nutrients. Powerful flower and botanical extracts support the skin’s healthy balance while providing much needed antioxidant and hydrating benefits. Best brightening results from a series of treatments. Allow 75 mins.


Vitamin FX – Nourishing Facial  |  $125

Has your skin had its vitamins today? This treatment deeply cleanses, smooths, softens, and nourishes moisture-depleted, dull tired skin. Skin will drink up a specialty hydrating cocktail providing a strong dose of vitamins C & E, essential fatty acids, and a moisturizing vitamin mask – the perfect balance of nutrition for beautiful skin. Allow 75 mins.

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microcurrent facial treatment

Advanced Facial Treatments


Buoyant FX – Pro-Collagen Facial  |  $160

Instantly plump and smooth your skin with a powerful anti-aging facial designed to restore skin to its youthful texture and suppleness. Incorporating red LED PhotoTherapyultrasonic infusions of collagen-boosting peptides and hyaluronic serums, as well as an intensive collagen mask, this facial treatment supports a dewy, buoyant, youthful complexion. Allow 90 mins.


Sculpt FX – Microcurrent Lifting & Toning Facial  |  $165

This firming anti-aging facial results in toned, lifted, radiant skin. Microcurrent is an advanced skin care technology used as an alternative to invasive surgery procedures to tighten and firm the skin without any downtime or negative side effects. Microcurrent energizes the skin, similar to recharging batteries for age management and skin rejuvenation. Not just for aging skin, microcurrent is a wonderful service for anyone needing a little tightening, toning and healing boost. Allow 90 mins.

Microcurrent effects are cumulative and best lifting results are achieved through a series of 8: 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks. Series treatments alternate between 90 and 60 minutes.  $1120 (Save $200)


Hydration FX – UltraSonic Rehydrating Facial  |  $150

Taking product penetration to the next level, high-tech ultrasonic waves are used to enhance the delivery of powerful hydration and customized actives deep into the epidermis. Hyaluronic Acid rapidly hydrates the skin from the inside out, encouraging a plump and youthful appearance.  No heat or inflammation is created, allowing this technology to be used on all skin types that need a boost. The Hydration FX – UltraSonic Rehydration Facial utilizes 100% natural, 98% organic, intensive serums from ElaSpa including brightening, anti-redness, and anti-aging botanicals. Allow 75 mins.


Youthful FX – Minus 10 Facial  |  $150

Feel 10 years younger with firm, toned, glowing skin. The Youthful FX – Minus 10 Facial incorporates cutting-edge science and natural, ground breaking ingredients into a powerful anti-aging treatment without the use of technology. Skin will be infused with advanced actives that stimulate and rejuvenate, encouraging production of elastin and collagen and giving your skin a luminous glow. Allow 75 mins.

vancouver facialsbest vancouver facials

infusion facial treatment

Facial Treatment Upgrades

Our upgrade menu has evolved!

What started out as a small collection of extras that could be added to any facial now includes popular components of individual treatments so you can mix and match to create your perfect facial session.

When planning for your appointment, simply book the base facial you want using the [Facial + Upgrades] option and/or drop us a note letting us know that you want to add an extra or two. We’ll take care of the details.

1 Upgrade per Facial

$30-40 each

2 Upgrades per Facial

$55 for 2

3 Upgrades per Facial

$75 for 3

Extra: Décolleté TLC
Extra: Eye Rescue
Extra: Organic Alginate Setting Mask

Extra: Aromatherapy Scalp Massage – coming soon!

Medi-Infusion: Clear Complexion
Medi-Infusion: Inflammation Diffusion
Medi-Infusion: Multi-Vitamin Therapy
Medi-Infusion: Oil Soak

Tech: LED Phototherapy
Tech: Microcurrent MiniLift

Ultrasonic: Organic Hyaluronic Infusion
Ultrasonic: Organic Purifying Herbal Infusion
Ultrasonic: Peptide Infusion

Renewal: Firming Wine Peptides
Renewal: Hibiscus Brightening
Renewal: Vitamin A Peptide Infusion

vancouver facialsbest vancouver facials