Skin Rejuvenation FX – The Botox Intervention

Nutrients, not Needles

Considering ‘The Dark Side’ (Botox)?

We make light of Botox injections around here because we embrace a natural beauty and graceful-aging philosophy.
Just ask our crows’ feet.

But that’s not to say that we don’t understand the appeal. We do.

Protecting and improving physical appearance is a major component of what we do at Facial Expressions.

We just choose to do it through topical and nutritional avenues of skin rejuvenation rather than injectables.

“Feeling Wrinkly and I don’t want to do Botox”

We recently received an email from a client that began with that line. While the (successful) intent was to make us chuckle, it also made us think.

It’s a theme we face regularly in our interactions with our guests. Botox and other injections just don’t appeal to everyone.
But almost everyone wants to maintain a youthful appearance.

This client was asking for our help before contemplating the expensive, painful, and relatively short-term effects of the popular neurotoxin.

So how do we, as non-invasive, holistic skin therapists, best serve a woman who always thought she didn’t want injections, but is not satisfied with what she’s seeing in the mirror?

Light Banter Turned Inspiration

Our mission was clear: we had to save her from the Dark Side.

We jokingly replied to her email by suggesting she needed an intervention.

We knew what Stephanie really needed was a personalized, detailed plan for maximum skin rejuvenation that fit within our shared holistic ethos.

And just like that, our FX Method – Rejuvenation (or to be a bit cheeky, the Botox Intervention) was born.

FX Method – Rejuvenation  (The Botox Intervention)

The FX Method – Rejuvenation is an intense 90-day skin rejuvenation program targeted at smoothing texture, brightening skin tone, and plumping collagen to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

We combine corrective and advanced facials, mild chemical peels, and technological advances in LED, ultrasonic, and microcurrent into a unique, custom-designed FX Method for each individual.

It’s like recharging the skin’s batteries, so that collagen and elastin formation increases, tissue repair occurs faster, muscle tone improves, and your skin can once again function more efficiently.

It’s a more holistic and natural approach to maintaining youthful skin.

No poisons necessary.

Read more about the FX Methodologies.

To ‘Tox or Not to ‘Tox

We’re not here to convince you that our way is the only way. In fact, some of our clients enjoy the benefits of Botox and have for many years.

We don’t judge. We simply work within the injection schedules to maximize skin health without interfering with the effectiveness of the injections. (We also appreciate that there are medical reasons for Botox beyond cosmetic improvements, so please always follow your physician’s medical advice as well as your own inclination.)

If you ‘Tox

We wholeheartedly support individuality and personal choice, so if you decide that Botox is for you, we love to hear your positive experiences.

Please let us know that you’ve had the procedure done so we can make any necessary modifications, and always schedule your facial treatments for at least 2 weeks after your injections.

And we promise not to tease you about heading down the dark path.

Who’s to say that we won’t join you someday?

About FX Skin Therapy

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