Summer Skincation

Can’t get there in person this year?

Take a Summer Skincation instead

Summertime brings the excitement of travel and experiencing new things.

But what if you just can’t get away this summer?

Our 2017 Summer Skincation series allows you to experience exotic locations without ever leaving home.

These 45 minute power boost facials deliver impressive results during busy summer months.

Available for a limited time only, book one each for June, July, and August.

3 Summer Skincation Facial Destinations

Destination: Maui

Featuring the tantalizing scents of pineapple and tropical flowers, this facial is designed to brighten and hydrate your skin. You’ll be swept away to everyone’s favorite Hawaiian island and return feeling as though you’ve had a week away.

Destination: Tahiti

It’s off to the exotic floral scents of Tahiti where botanical essences and moisturizing nutrients combat the skin-depleting heat of high summer.

Destination: Tuscany

Relish the summer with the mouth-watering aromas of a Tuscany kitchen using oregano, thyme and basil. Italian herbs reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness, and provide a calming sensation to the skin.

Available for a limited time only. Summer Skincation ends August 31.

Summer Skincation Season Pass

Includes a Bonus Companion Pass!

Experience all three Destination Facials with your own 2017 Skincation Summer Pass, plus get a bonus Companion Pass* to treat a friend to your favorite Destination Facial with our Associate Skin Therapist Liz Letzelter.

Book your Skincation

*Companion Pass voucher will be presented at the time of Season Pass holder’s first Destination Facial and is valid for any single Destination Facial booked with Associate Skin Therapist Liz Letzelter. May not be used by the Summer Skincation Season Pass holder. Must be redeemed by August 31.

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