Top 5 Summer Plans

What are your summer plans? I’ve been so focused on getting the new location ready, then opening and having a party or two, that I completely neglected making any personal plans… until now. Since I’m sticking around Vancouver, my summer plans revolve around everyday and local activities.

Being an entrepreneur is pretty all-consuming, which in all honesty, I thrive on. However, I’ve been going at full steam for the last two years (even during the ‘downtime’ while renovations were happening) and I’m feeling the consequences of not taking time for myself and shutting off the brain occasionally.

Summer Plan #1 – RELAX!

Relaxation is crucial for keeping a clear head, fueling creativity, and being able to make good decisions. So this summer, instead of filling my ‘days off’ with administrative work and business-related tasks, I am scheduling at least one ME-centric treat each week. On my list: massage, pedicures, reflexology, local hikes, farmer’s markets, etc. I also aim to disconnect from technology by 10pm at the latest (I’m typing this at 10:29pm… clearly I need to work on this one, pronto!).

Summer Plan #2 – Hydrate

I need to practice what I preach! Water is so necessary for healthy skin and healthy bodies. Part of my self-neglect lately has been in the hydration and healthy foods department. Unfortunately, coffee and wine do not fulfill our bodies’ need for fluids and nutrition. Luckily, I’ve recently rediscovered my obsession with fruited waters and will be preparing them fresh at the shop this summer for my clients and for myself! Some favorites are Strawberry/Blueberry and Ginger/Lemon.

Summer Plan #3 – Read for Fun

Most of my reading over the last year has been non-fiction and/or work-related. Which is important, but as an avid fiction buff, I’ve been falling behind with some of my favorite authors. So look for me behind the cover of Guy Gavriel Kay’s new Children of Earth and Sky, as well as few other fantasy novels.

Summer Plan #4 – Learn

Not all my reading will be light. I can’t go too long without expanding my professional knowledge. I have a new piece of equipment arriving soon and I’ll be doing some preparatory studying so I can jump right into interpreting what it tells me about your skin.

Curious? It might have something to do with something like this:


Summer Plan #5 – Breathe

Breathe in calm, breathe out stress. Breathe in nature, breathe out city. Breathe in contentment, breathe out urgency. Breathe in the present, breathe out the rest.

What are your summer plans?

I hope they include self-care!

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