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Welcome to Facial Expressions Skin Therapy (or FX for short), a Vancouver-based skin care company on a mission to elevate skin therapy beyond a beauty focus, into the realm of personal health and wellness practices. 

We specialize in practical skin care, digging deep to discover the root cause of your skin challenges and designing personalized solutions that merge advanced skin science with deeply relaxing self-care. So you can look and feel your best – without going to extremes.

Our team of skin experts provides results-driven facial services, skin health education, and on-going coaching and support to help you gain the knowledge and tools you need to confidently navigate your skin care choices at all ages, through all skin stages.

We believe the long-term vitality of skin should take priority over aggressive, instant-gratification treatments or miraculous (but empty) promises.

We believe less is more; consistency is key; and progress is better than perfection.

We trust science. A little woo because it helps us feel better, but mostly science.

We embody loving acceptance of the natural cycles of life, working with the skin to support, optimize, and perhaps slow – but always honor – the natural aging process.

Our Philosophy

Kristen Cheyne, “The Scientist”

Founder | Principal Skin Therapist

The creative force behind FX, Kristen is a Licensed Esthetician and Advanced Skin Therapist whose scientific, educational approach to skin care has earned her the title of “The Scientist” amongst the FX community.

Kristen’s extensive studies of skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry are balanced by her highly intuitive nature, resulting in a powerful knack for connecting the dots between what’s happening on the surface of the skin with what’s happening elsewhere in the body and in life.

Kristen teaches practical skin science and self-care strategies in a kind, approachable manner, making them easy to understand and easy to implement.

An ex-pat from the Seattle area, Kristen moved to Vancouver in 2009. After working for two popular facial spas, she created FX in 2013 to bring a more personalized and compassionate approach to skin care in the city.  

Outside of skin, Kristen enjoys baking for her husband, gardening with her twin kitties, and indulging in her lifelong obsession with beautiful fibres through various textile arts.

Want to join the team?

We are currently recruiting our next part-time Skin Therapist (Esthetician) who has a passion for skin health, creative problem solving, and building relationships through warmth and candor.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line to introduce yourself and describe what an ideal day at work looks like to you.