What are the benefits of facials?

(Rightfully!) no longer considered simple luxury indulgences or “special occasion” treats, professional facials have rapidly gained acceptance as a regular part of personal health maintenance and wellness routines due to their myriad physical and emotional benefits. In short, they’re now known as a cornerstone of a well-rounded holistic lifestyle.

Here at FX, we believe that professional facials should be at the top of everyone’s personal care checklist. 

Let’s Start With the Physical Upsides of Facials

One of the benefits of facials is, of course, the physical improvements that they offer. This is due to their ability to promote increased circulation, enhance delivery of topical nutrients, and accelerate overall skin rejuvenation. They accomplish this via:

An In-Depth Skin Analysis 

Hand-in-hand with professional facials are in-depth skin analysis: when you consult with an advanced skin therapist, they evaluate your makeup-free skin to determine your skin type, achievable skin goals, and best product-and-treatment combinations. 

The result is bespoke facials that can be tailored to your specific skin types, needs, and goals.

A Deeper Cleanse

Be honest– how long do you typically spend cleansing your skin?

Don’t be shy: the fact of the matter is that the majority of people under-cleanse their skin. Professional facials are beneficial in part due to the amount of time spent deeply and properly cleansing the skin. 

Skin therapists have a variety of targeted cleansers at their disposal and use them with strategy and purpose in order to effectively prepare the skin for the facial; this differs from the “quick cleanses” that the majority of clients are guilty of performing at home with their daily cleanser. 

For several minutes, an esthetician will work said concentrated cleanser into your skin to soften its outermost layer, encourage circulation, and prep the surface of your skin for maximum nutrient absorption during your facial. At Facial Expressions, we use several cleansers professional treatments that are unavailable for retail due to their higher levels of certain ingredients (such as exfoliating acids)… which means that your skin will be receiving a deeper level of cleanse that is typically available at home.

A Professional Exfoliation

Our goal is to help our clients achieve healthy skin that desquamates normally, meaning that part of our job as estheticians is to help your skin regulate its own exfoliation in a healthy and normalized way!

As such, at-home exfoliation becomes optional (and rarely-needed.) Leaving exfoliation to professional treatments only reduces the risk of disrupting your skin’s natural barrier function and ensures that a skin therapist is there to monitor for potential sensitivities before and after exfoliating. 

Pro Tip: Despite the availability of so-called “professional strength” exfoliating products online, the fact remains that skin therapists have exclusive access (alongside the necessary training and experience!) to far superior and safer exfoliating formulas. It is highly recommended to consult with your esthetician before beginning any exfoliation regimen at home.

A Facial Massage

Another one of the primary benefits of facials is a facial massage. Physically speaking, a massage conducted by a certified esthetician works to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, which, in turn, allows more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital skin tissues.

Additionally, this effectively flushes waste materials through the lymphatic system to herald the return to a vibrant, healthy-looking complexion. As I like to say here at FX: no flow, no glow!

Other benefits of professional facial massages include: the relaxation of facial muscles; the relief of muscle tension and pain; the increase of muscle tone via improved tissue elasticity and repair; and, last but certainly not least, the activation of sluggish skin, which aids in the removal of comedones by softening stubborn sebum plugs.

A Round of Extractions

Speaking of comedone removal, having a round of extractions done is yet another benefit of facials.

“Extractions”, otherwise known as the removal of blackheads and clogged pores, requires a combination of adequate skin preparation and an expert technique in order to effectively dislodge oil and debris without the risk of scarring. A staple of facials, extractions relieve congestion in the skin, reduce the chances of future breakouts, and enable pores to return to their normal function in the short-term.

An Opportunity for Personalized Guidance

Working with a skin therapist and receiving regular professional facials can (and will!) significantly reduce the time and money spent experimenting with skin care products.

Equipped with intimate knowledge of how your unique skin type responds to lifestyle changes, seasonal challenges, and various topical ingredients, your esthetician can proactively recommend modifications to your home care and service routines when necessary. A skilled skin therapist can also help keep an eye out for any skin irregularities that might require a doctor’s attention. During your Discover FX Introductory Session, the stage will be set to monitor any and all changes to your skin, and encourage you to seek medical attention when appropriate. 

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Facials

Busy lifestyles provide limited opportunity to connect with others (plus, living in a COVID-19 world means that we are missing the physical connection with friends and family!) 

A facial, conducted with a skin therapist’s therapeutic touch, can help to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin and lower stress… as well as supplement the positive physical connection from loved ones.  

What are the other mental and emotional benefits of facials?

Skin Care as Self-Care

It is more important than ever to find opportunities for the conscious nurturing of our own well-being. Skin care provides the perfect avenue for this: whether it be at-home treatments or in-person services, there is a meditative element to doing something that is strictly for you. 

Professional facials amplify this experience by putting yourself (literally) in the hands of a caring esthetician whose primary goal is to help you feel better about yourself.

Bolstered Self-Confidence

There is no denying that physical appearance impacts one’s self-esteem. Skin concerns can lead to embarrassment, anxiety, and even depression. In turn, facials can go a long way towards reducing skin imperfections and improving one’s overall appearance, leading to bolstered self-confidence.

The Bottom Line: The Benefits of Facials Is a List That Keeps on Going!

The benefits of facials include both the physical upsides (such as clearer skin, increased circulation, and a brighter complexion) and the mental upsides, like reduced stress levels and improved self-image.

Whether it be bringing professional-level facials home via home facial kits or visiting us in person to experience FX’s signature personalized facial treatments, we hope these reasons ring true to you as to why facials are a non-negotiable when it comes to a holistic wellness lifestyle!

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