Full-Body Skin Care for Brides

Skin care for the face is important, but our bodies require just as much care and consideration! This is Part Two of Skin Vows, our bridal series for skin care and natural beauty. We are discussing tips for how to prepare skin from head to toe for the big day.

Skin Care for Neck & Decollete

The neck and chest area are an extension of the face and should be cared for as a regular part of daily self-care rituals. This area of the body is so important but is often neglected.

The skin on the decollete is just as delicate as the face, if not more so, and should be cared for in a similar way. A great way to treat this delicate area is to extend facial skincare to the neck and decollete and take care to massage in upwards, gentle motions when cleansing and moisturizing.

Pro Tip: Always remember to apply SPF! The chest is one of the first places to show signs of aging due to constant exposure from low-cut shirts and tank tops.

Body Skin Care

Low-cut, high-cut, and backless dresses call for soft and smooth body skin. Body brushes make it easy to care for hard-to-reach areas like the back and shoulders. Exfoliate regularly and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizing lotion daily.

Coffee scrubs in particular work wonders for body skin, encouraging microcirculation and preventing excessive accumulation of fat in cells, which can help with the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine also has potent antioxidant properties and helps protect cells against UV radiation, slowing down down the process of photoaging of the skin.

For acne breakouts on the back, consider booking a series of professional back treatments with a Skin Therapist. These treatments are designed to calm and minimize body blemishes. Begin these treatments 6 months in advance of the wedding date; it takes a while for body skin to respond to treatment. To support the professional treatments, focus on a corrective cleanser for problem areas that contains salicylic acid, which can help minimize and prevent blemishes. We also recommend a hydrating body cream to lock in moisture.

Pro tip: Moisturizing lotions containing vitamins A, C, & E help with whole-body skin by normalizing cell turnover, supporting the healing process, and smoothing and tightening skin.

Care for Hands & Feet

Wedding photos bring extra attention to the bride’s and groom’s hands. In order to prepare for all of the ring-showing and handshakes, cut back on harsh soaps that are too drying. Replace handwashes with low-foam, creamy formulas that maintain natural moisture levels.

Lock in extra moisture with frequent applications of nourishing hand lotions, and care for cuticles by massaging oil such as sweet almond oil to prevent dryness and splitting.

Pro Tip: For dry, flaky hands, a last-minute DIY hand scrub of olive oil and brown sugar can smooth and soften roughness.

Although feet might not be a visible feature in most wedding gowns, you’ll still want to care for your soles prior to your wedding day. Moisturizing daily with a specialized foot cream is an important step towards achieving soft, callous-free feet. Invest in a professional foot file to smooth rough and calloused skin between pedicures.

Pro Tip: Deeply nourish feet overnight by using a thick layer of a favorite body butter under cotton socks.

Internal Support for Beautiful Skin – Vitamins & Supplements

One of the best ways to ensure good skin health is to care for it from the inside out. Focus on drinking plenty of water and eating a variety of whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein.

If it proves difficult to get the daily intake of nutrients during a busy wedding schedule, consider nutritional supplements to complement your diet. High-quality vitamins A, C, & E, antioxidants, and Omega-3s support healthy skin and can be considered an important component of full-body skin care for brides. Consult a Naturopath or Nutritionist before starting any new supplementation routine.

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