Cancel Chaos & Declare a Season of CALM

We specialize in CALM, and among our holiday goals this year is reminding our guests to take time for themselves and make self-care a priority.

Like all retailers, we spent a lot of time earlier this year thinking about our plans and promotions for this holiday season, but nothing felt quite right. We tossed around plenty of sale ideas for Black Friday and the rest of the traditional sales days, but they all felt off-target somehow, too… forced.

What we really want to do for our guests is provide an escape, a sanctuary, an oasis of CALM in the midst of the holiday whirlwind, and not just for one or three days, but for the entire season.

So we’ve declared a Season of CALM.

Our focus this year is reminding you and yours about self-care. About putting you first and taking time to pause and reflect and fill up your own bucket. It’s not about presents (okay, it’s a little bit about presents!), it’s about presence.

Slow down. Absorb. Participate. Don’t just survive, thrive. Especially during the hectic festive season.

Yes, we have some gift-giving solutions, and yes, we’ll have a few specials & promotions over the upcoming weeks, because that’s part of how we hope we can help simplify your life.

We’ll be highlighting a few beloved self-care treats and strategies, and whether or not you participate in the gift-giving traditions, we hope you find some inspiration for a few quiet moments for yourself.

We really hope to share our sense of CALM.

Our atmosphere is always soothing and relaxed, and we’re going to do our best to broadcast that to all of our guests this season.

Whether you make it into the clinic or not, we wish for you a joyous, peaceful, and naturally beautiful Season of CALM,

Kristen & TeamFX

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