Eye Cream – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an eye cream?

The short answer is yes; an eye care product is beneficial for everyone and all skin types.

WHY do I need an eye cream?

The primary role of an eye cream is one of prevention and protection.

Skin tissue around the eyes is some of the thinnest on the body. The area also lacks oil glands, which means the delicate layers of skin are easily dehydrated and susceptible to environmental damage.

Excessive sun exposure, health, and lifestyle factors contribute to weakened collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in early signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Use of an eye cream is not a miracle cure or quick fix for erasing wrinkles or correcting advanced evidence of aging.

A well-formulated eye cream can, however, add necessary hydration and help maintain the moisture levels of the skin in the delicate eye area to keep it firm and youthful-looking.

Eye creams can also provide necessary nutrition and pro-youth ingredients to the area to lessen the impact of environmental and lifestyle factors that deteriorate the healthy look of skin. Eye creams play a very important role in slowing the formation of advanced wrinkles.

When should I start to use an eye cream?

The earlier you start to use an eye cream the more preventative benefit you will receive.

Many women wait until they notice the first signs of aging around their eyes before exploring eye care products, but including eye care in your skin care rituals starting as late teens or early 20s is advisable.

How do I apply eye cream? And where?

Dispense a tiny amount of eye cream (the size of a sesame seed up to a grain of rice) onto your ring finger and apply using extremely gentle patting or pressing motions just inside the orbital socket of your eye. Follow the path along the bony area at the top of your cheekbone and up under your brow bone.

Avoid applying too close to the lash line, which can result in product entering your eyes and setting off the protective mechanisms of your tear ducts, resulting in watery eyes or irritation (especially common with heavily fragranced eye products).

Pro tip: Proactively fight puffiness by applying eye creams from the inner corner to the outer corner using almost pressure-less movements to encourage drainage of any subcutaneous fluid. An extremely light touch is the key. The ring finger is considered the weakest finger and the least likely to pull or tug at the delicate tissues. Therefore it provides the gentlest application.

When do I apply eye cream?

Eye creams should be applied before your moisturizer.

Because they are usually formulated specifically for the delicate tissue around the eyes, you want to apply eye products before moisturizers, which could interfere with the absorption of the eye-specific ingredients.

Which Eye Cream Formula is Right for me?

When deciding on an eye cream, you may need to consider more than one under-eye concern. There are many creams that focus on only one concern, while others help address a variety of concerns all in one. A few general guidelines follow:

  • For younger women with minimal skin issues, all that is necessary is something lightweight to maintain and protect the hydration of the skin tissues. A gel or lotion formulation is ideal; avoid heavy, rich anti-aging creams until needed.
  • Eyes prone to puffiness might benefit from the soothing, cooling, and anti-inflammatory benefits of oat kernel extract, licorice extract, or aloe.
  • Those with dark circles may find caffeine a helpful ingredient as well as stable forms of Vitamin C.
  • For those who are experiencing lines and loss of firmness, retinol or peptides can be great anti-aging ingredients.
  • And for dryness, ceramides, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid are beneficial ingredients for moisture and hydration.

If you are unsure which eye cream is best, a skin therapist can be helpful in selecting the most beneficial option based on your unique concerns.

Do you have additional questions about eye creams? Drop them in a comment below!

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