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Welcome to our comprehensive range of results-driven skincare services, tailored to support the long-term skin health of all ages, skin types, and conditions.

Recognizing the unique nature of each individual’s skin, our highly skilled skin therapists customize every facial treatment to ensure both comfort and results.

Whether you’re seeking to slow visible signs of aging, address acne concerns, or simply enhance your skin’s overall health and vitality, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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All Facial Treatments & Services

Facial Expressions Bespoke Facial Treatment

Signature Bespoke Facial

The personalized, results-driven skin treatment we’re known for.

Custom-blended formulas and hands-on techniques target the exact needs of your skin at the time of your visit – and it’s rarely the same experience twice. Allow 75 minutes.


Dermaviduals Corneotherapy Facial

A specialized approach focused on rebuilding the skin’s natural defense system. Suitable for all skin types and conditions; particularly effective for sensitive and hyper-reactive skins, including those with rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis. Allow 60 minutes.


Hydrating Collagen Facial

Soothe, smooth, and hydrate with targeted pure and natural nutrients for collagen support. Suitable for all skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin and prenatal and postpartum care. Allow 60 minutes.


Deep Cleansing Facial

Customized exfoliation softens and dissolves cellular buildup and prepares for the skin for easy blackhead extractions. Ideal for casual guests or monthly maintenance. Allow 60 minutes.


Young Adult Facials

Clean beauty basics for younger skin. Education-focused skin care to help the next generation understand their unique skin and create healthy skin care habits.

Young Adult Facial. For ages 16+. Allow 40 minutes.
Youth Cadet Facial. For ages 10-16*. Allow 20-30 minutes. *Parents, please attend with your underage youth.

$65 – $100

Environ DF3 Vitamin Infusion Facial

Industry-leading Electro-Sonic Ionzyme DF3 technology infuses high levels of vitamins A & C, peptides, and hydration into the skin with zero discomfort and zero downtime.⁠ Customizable to target fine lines & wrinkles, moisture, radiance, clarity, and more. Allow 75 minutes.


Holistic Rejuvenation Facial

Slow the signs of aging and boost cellular energy with scientific formulas, advanced customization, and the option to include LED Light Therapy or other skin rejuvenating technology. Allow 90 minutes.


LED Light Therapy Facial

Therapeutic, non-invasive light waves deliver energy to the skin’s cells, leading to improved texture, clarity, and skin rejuvenation. Beneficial for all skin, all ages & all stages. Allow 90 minutes.


ElaProMed Vital-Cell Infusion Facial

Non-invasive, dual-phase infusion technology using electronic micro-impulses delivers clinically-proven botanical compounds and bio-active peptides deep into the skin to hydrate and target collagen-building fibroblasts. The results? Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stronger skin structure, and long-lasting hydration. A beautiful treatment to prepare for special events or photoshoots. Allow 60 minutes.


Discovery New Client Intro Sessions

Discover FX: Consultation + Bespoke Facial  **RECOMMENDED FOR NEW CLIENTS**

Our recommended entry point for new clients or when starting a new treatment plan. Discover our educational approach to skin care with an advanced skin consultation, treatment planning, and relevant skin science resources, followed by a targeted facial to jumpstart any new skin journey. Allow 90 minutes.


Discover Environ: Consultation + Environ Focus-Care Facial

Get to know Environ, the global leader in vitamin A skin care and learn how to safely and effectively incorporate high levels of topical vitamins A & C into your skin care routines without the detrimental effects commonly experienced with retinol.

This session includes an advanced skin consultation, a personalized treatment plan, and an Environ Focus Care Facial. Allow 90 minutes. Option to include DF3 Vitamin Infusion [ +$100 ]


Discover Dermaviduals: Consultation + Corneotherapy Facial

Discover corneotherapy, an innovative approach to skin care focused on rebuilding a robust defense barrier for your skin to effectively ward off unwanted irritants, allergens, and antigens while preserving essential moisture within.

Dermaviduals, the only official corneotherapeutic brand, is a modular, personalized skin care line, incorporating precisely the ingredients needed for your unique skin.

This session includes an advanced skin consultation, a personalized treatment plan, and a Dermaviduals Corneotherapy Facial. Allow 90 minutes.


Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling Trifecta w/ DF3 Vitamin Infusion

Topical numbing, microneedling, LED light therapy, & Environ vitamin infusion. Post-care kit included. Allow 2 – 2.5 hours.


Microneedling Facial

Topical numbing, microneedling, & LED light therapy. Post-care kit included. Allow up to 1.5 – 2 hrs.


Microneedling Consultation

Meet with a Skin Therapist to explore how Microneedling can help you achieve your skin care goals. Consultation fee is redeemable towards a Microneedling session or other treatment, or pre-treatment vitamin A products. Allow 30 minutes.


Skin Tag Treatment in Vancouver

Epidermal Repair Spot Treatment

Treat unwelcome skin tags, fibromas, cherry angiomas, seborrheic keratoses, milia, and more by preciscely addressing the epidermal layer with dehydrating electrical current. Treatment is quick – lasting only a few seconds, and results can often be achieved in just one treatment.

Epidermal Repair – Small Area

Treat 1 – 5 individual lesions within a single small treatment area. Allow 15 minutes.


Epidermal Repair – Larger or Multiple Area

Treat multiple lesions within two to three treatment areas. Allow 30 minutes.


Epidermal Repair  – Consultation

Meet with a Skin Therapist to discover if this treatment is right for you. Under some circumstances, treatment may occur at the time of your consultation. Consultation fee is redeemable towards your Epidermal Spot Repair session or other future service, or towards a product purchase. Allow 30 minutes.


Scalp & Hair Treatments

ElaProMed Hair Restoration Treatment for Hair Density & Hair-Loss Reduction 

Non-invasive, dual-phase technology + clinically-proven botanical compounds stimulate hair growth, increase hair density, and reduce hair loss for both women and men. Allow 30-45 minutes. Best in a series of 6-12 weekly sessions.


Bed Head Scalp Massage

No-rinse treatment serum, massage, & hair mask to target common scalp and hair concerns such as scalp sensitivity, oil imbalances, or loss of hair density. Best the day before a shampoo. Allow 30 minutes.

May be booked alone or combined with a facial treatment. Contact us to plan your Bed Head!


Body Treatments

Back Facial Treatment

A “classic facial” with exfoliation and extractions for the back. Allow 40 minutes.


Woman receiving a Winter Skin Fix facial mask being applied by a professional skin therapist.
Seasonal Facial Treatment

Winter Skin Fix

Introducing our exclusive Winter Skin Fix facial treatment, expertly designed to revitalize your skin's natural defenses against harsh winter elements. Shield against dryness and maintain your skin's resilience throughout winter's challenges.

Book Your Winter Skin Fix now to restore and protect a healthy skin barrier. Allow 45 minutes. [ $150 ]
Available January & February.

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