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Easy-Breezy Glowing Skin 

Passes & Facial Packages

Facial Packages make it easy to stay consistent with your skin care.

And when it comes to achieving and maintaining your skin goals, consistency is key.

Whatever the age or stage of your skin, a facial package provides the structure and routine needed to make your dreams of better skin – fewer breakouts, smoother skin, a more even skin tone – a reality!

New Packages coming soon!

What is an FX INSIDER?

FX INSIDERS are our VIPs, our BFFs, our heroes! Many are long-time clients who visit us monthly; some are newly-met guests who make an immediate commitment to radical self-care; and some fit somewhere in between.

The common denominator is commitment.

And we believe that commitment deserves reward.

Our FX INSIDER program provides perks and privileges to those who commit to consistent self-care and their own well-being with a purchase of an Annual Pass or a 90-Day Facial Package.