Level up your skincare with the innovative ElaProMed technology, now available here at Facial Expressions Skin Therapy as part of our brand-new ElaProMed Skin Rejuvenation treatment.

Firstly, What is ElaProMed? How Does ElaProMed Work?

One of our favorite skincare brands, ElaSpa, has supported their key scientists in the research and development behind what has become the most advanced European system for overall skin rejuvenation: the ElaProMed.

As high-tech dermal infusion technology, this skincare-centric tech combines microcurrent and electroporation to stimulate skin renewal at a cellular level, enhance product absorption, and rejuvenate the skin’s natural glow. The result? Clear, plump, supple, and hydrated skin… all with zero downtime!

Here is how the dual-cycle ElaProMed works:

Phase One

During this initial phase, your trained skin therapist gently administers ElaProMed’s pen-like metal stylus to the skin’s surface in a zig-zag pattern. The stylus emits painless electronic micro-pulses that create temporary water channels (electropores) in the skin that allow the ionically charged cosmetic molecules of Phase Two to enter deep into the skin’s tissues. This process is known as “electroporation” and takes around one to two minutes.

Phase Two

Directly after Phase One, while the recently-awakened water channels are open, specially-formulated topicals are applied onto the skin using an iontophoresis roller. Iontophoresis uses polarity, similar to magnetic forces, to propel the active ingredients deeply into the electropores before they reset to normal within 5-6 minutes.

A standard ElaProMed treatment cycles repeatedly through these two phases, acting as a painless, non-invasive electronic syringe that facilitates the delivery of highly active, skin-rejuvenating compounds deep into the skin layers. In tandem, its microcurrent technology stimulates and energizes underlying facial muscles, which further plump, firm, and lift the skin.

Glowing results can be seen immediately afterward, with results both enhanced and sustained if the treatment is experienced in a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments. 

Skin Concerns Targeted by ElaProMed

Here at Facial Expressions, we’ve incorporated the ElaProMed technology into our proprietary ElaProMed Skin Rejuvenation to target fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, redness and sensitivity, oil control and acne, scarring, pigmentation, and hair loss on or around the scalp.

This needle-free alternative to micro-needling is the perfect way to level up your Fall skincare: skin-sculpting, product-enhancing, and collagen-stimulating, our ElaProMed treatment includes all of the following:

    • Firming and lifting microcurrent stimulation
    • ElaProMed’s non-invasive electroporation capabilities
    • Rejuvenating stem cells and pro-collagen peptides
    • Additional growth factors and nutrient compounds

Our technology’s available settings include Anti-Gravity, Anti-Redness, Anti-Blemish, Scarring, Pigmentation, Brightening, and more, making it perfect for all skin types and levels of skin sensitivity.

Contact us today to book your first (or next!) ElaProMed Skin Rejuvenation appointment.

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