Oral skin care for optimal skin health is a particularly popular topic in the realm of skin care… and for good reason! Along with standard vitamins, skin supplement recommendations pop up left and right in an effort to help people combat common skin concerns like acne or dryness.

Why are skin supplements a vital part of holistic skin care, and how do you know which ones are esthetician-approved? Keep reading!

What Exactly Are Skin Supplements? What Do They Do for Skin?

Simply put, skin supplements, when aided by a healthy diet and esthetician-recommended skin care routine, can aid in a variety of skin functions. These include:

  • Acne reduction
  • Heightened skin elasticity 
  • Skin-brightening
  • Environmental damage reversal
  • Combating dryness
  • Diminishing rosacea and overall pigmentation
  • Levelling out skin sensitivity

While common vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin C all work individually to effectively deliver the above benefits, specifically-curated skin supplements combine several synergistic nutrients to take healing and repair to the next level. How?

Think of it like this: oral skin care is optimal for skin health because they work together with the results-oriented topicals you apply every day during your skin care routine. Professionally-formulated skin supplements feed skin from the inside-out and support skin care results through vitamin-rich, all-natural ingredients that are packed with additional minerals and nutrients that feed not only the skin, but the liver, kidneys, and immune system as well. When the inside of the body is fully nourished, your skin as a whole functions better externally, reducing the look and frequency of skin concerns.

Facial Expressions Skin Therapy strongly recommends incorporating clinical-grade skin supplements to bolster both your in-studio treatments and your at-home skin routine. Our standards? Supplements that integrate individually-researched ingredients that are then combined into synergistic blends geared towards optimal absorption.

However, among the sea of skin supplements available, which are esthetician-approved? Well…

We Recommend Choosing Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Oral Skin Care for Optimal Skin Health

Because skin supplements are a vital part of Facial Expressions’ holistic wellness philosophy, I recommend selecting only the best of the best when it comes to oral skin care.

My current top pick? Advanced Nutrition Programme. They:

  • Use Only the Best Ingredients: This means that ANP selects ingredients that are sustainable, ethically sourced, free from additives and fillers, and have zero synthetic components.
  • Are Not Mass-Marketed: Since ANP skin supplements are created in a skin health research centre, they are triple-tested in every country they are available in, are all manufactured and processed to pharmaceutical standard (which not all skin supplements are!), and offer online sourcing information on the bottom of each shipped package.
  • Are Committed to Reducing Environmental Impact: Both ANP’s capsules and packaging are 100% recyclable. 

ANP formulates their oral skin care from individually-researched ingredients that are then combined into synergistic blends that are optimized for absorption and skin benefits… all without the harsh side effects of prescription acne medication. Shop ANP online today.

Contact Facial Expressions Today to Learn How to Integrate Oral Skin Care Into YOUR Existing Skin Care Routine

Reach out today to learn how to expertly combine holistic wellness with pharmaceutical-grade skin supplements with esthetician-approved advice from Facial Expressions.

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