Today, we’re exploring why we here at Facial Expressions opt for a personalized, holistic strategy for treating acne. Acne presents itself in a variety of ways, from clogged pores to sore, inflamed cysts that linger beneath the surface layer of your skin. The fact is that there is no science-backed way that one singular acne treatment alone can work for every individual. Effective acne treatment demands a thorough consideration of the whole person, including genetics, general health and lifestyle, as well as the type of acne at hand, the severity of the breakouts, the individual skin type in question, and one’s cosmetic and treatment history. Here is how we here at Facial Expressions execute a holistic strategy for treating acne through blending personalized skin care treatments, education, and long-term support:

1. Pro Acne Treatments

One of the core components of our holistic strategy for treating acne is professional acne treatments and facials. This includes:
  • Our 360° skin analysis, which is the first step for any and all Facial Expressions clients: underlying skin types are identified and genetics, lifestyle choices, diets, and skin care concerns are cross-examined to identify the root cause of your acne (and the best way forward to resolve it)
  • Pro extraction sessions, with customized enzymatic preparation, expert technique, and hand-selected nutrients to comfort and soothe the skin.
If you are prone to breakouts, regular sessions with a skin therapist can be a tremendous help. Besides the obvious extractions and preventative care, working with a skin care professional ensures that you have a partner and coach by your side to manage any changes or setbacks. We can expertly adjust your treatment plan and get you quickly back on track.

2. Tools and Tech in the Facial Expressions Toolkit

The tools and tech in our skin care toolkit play a vital role in the multi-faceted holistic strategy for acne that we employ. As discussed in one of our previous blogs, our technology ranges from diagnostic imagery and skin assessment tools to product delivery devices and non-invasive light therapy to bolster your skin’s treatment plan. Some of our star pieces of tech for acne include…

LED Light Therapy

Defined as the therapeutic and non-invasive usage of light energy in order to target specific cellular processes in the skin, LED light therapy complements the skin’s innate rejuvenation processes by stimulating wound healing, boosting collagen production, bolstering skin laxity, and improving overall skin health by reducing skin inflammation. With consistent use, other benefits include the reduction in the appearance of enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and discolouration.

Skin Classic High-Frequency

Newly available here at FX, the Skin Classic High-Frequency offers an affordable, non-laser treatment alternative for minor skin irregularities. This technology utilizes high-frequency electrical currents conducted through a non-invasive probe to instantaneously dehydrate unwanted surface spots. The result is saying a swift goodbye to some of the more difficult to extract acne lesions.


Last but certainly not least in this abbreviated list of skincare tools and tech is iontophoresis.  Using electrical polarity, iontophoresis quickly and painlessly enhances product penetration and absorption. This is especially fantastic when used in conjunction with anti-blemish botanical extracts, which make up some of our favourite acne treatment serums!

3. Strategic Home Care

Skin improvement and healing requires daily, strategic home care. As part of our holistic strategy for treating acne, we educate on skin science, but also lifestyle and nutritional considerations.  First we overhaul existing skin and cosmetic products to eliminate comedogenic ingredients and known irritants. Then we work with every individual to create workable home care routines and establish consistent AM and PM applications of skin expert-approved products. Regardless of skin type, we introduce effective and proper cleansing that works with the natural skin type. And we ensure the rest of the skin care basics are mastered, such as how and when to exfoliate, how to layer products, how not to pick at blemishes, the importance of daily sunscreen, and when to call an expert!

Incorporating Helpful Ingredients is Key in Our Holistic Strategy for Acne

Here at Facial Expressions, we ensure that our treatments are 100% customized and tailored to your specific skin concerns and skin goals. Some of our favourite skincare ingredients include:
  • Green tea extract due to its rich levels of vitamins, tannins, and skin-balancing mineral salts
  • Salicylic and mandelic acids due to their ability to break up congestion and clear pores
  • Niacinamide due to its barrier-repairing and hydration-retaining capabilities
  • Shikakai due to its wide range of vitamins and potent antibacterial properties

5. Rounding Off With Nutritional Support

Our holistic strategy for acne rounds off with all-important nutritional support. No matter how healthy your diet is, if your skin is acting up then it’s worth examining where there might be opportunities to supplement with skin-healing nutrients.  Harmful gut microbes, for example, can lead to an immune reaction that triggers acne; therefore, discussing probiotics to balance this inflammation and restore the natural gut flora is one of the many ways in which we target acne at its root. And omega fatty acids are our best-selling supplement, as studies show Omegas can help reduce the severity and duration of acne breakouts (and sun damage!) If you’re ready to start on your very own clear skin journey, book your Discover FX – Introductory Session today
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