The Calming Ritual of Sage

by guest author Ashley Talbott of Yoga for That

Spring is the time to clear out the heaviness and staleness of the winter months. The term ‘spring cleaning’ can bring about feelings of joy or anxiety depending on your feelings around cleaning and maybe how cluttered your home has become!

Have you ever cleaned your entire house top to bottom and still didn’t get that “my house is so clean now!” feeling? To me, there is nothing worse than cleaning all day and not feeling that the house is clean.

Cleansing my home with sage has become an important step in cleaning my home. Instead of feeling the need to clean my entire house top-to-bottom, I tidy-up first, putting away all the clutter, vacuum and mop, and then I go through my saging ritual.

How is using sage effective and beneficial to keeping your home clean?

Sage has a History

Sage has been used for thousands of years for a variety of reasons including cleansing negative energy and even to kill germs (

I use sage as part of my cleaning routine, and also when the energy in my home begins to feel heavy or stale. For example, after someone in our home has been sick with a cold or the flu, and after emotional events, such as an argument or dealing with bad news.

Cleansing with Sage is Simple

Cleansing your home with sage is a simple step to add to your cleaning ritual. Whether you sage daily, weekly, monthly, or when you feel you need it. Cleansing with sage is not a painstaking task and it can actually be very peaceful and calming.

Sage bundles can be purchased for about $5-8. I have a little lighter I use to light the sage. I let it burn for a moment and then blow the flame out. I walk around each room in my house, corner-to-corner, making sure to get every inch of each room washed in the smoke of the sage.

You can also use sage to cleanse items. I would suggest this if you have brought something into your home that is second hand, cleansing the item with sage will remove any negative energy that is clinging to the item.

Instant Release of Negative Energy

The ritual of cleansing with sage is calming and restoring in itself, however you will notice that as you finish walking about your house, there is an instant release of negative energy. Your house will feel refreshed, light, and clean.

Once you begin cleansing with sage, you won’t want to stop. You will also become more aware of the energy in your house and notice when you and your home may benefit from a cleansing ritual.

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