Dealing with Skin Emergencies

Despite all your skin care preparation and precautionary steps, wedding day nerves can still cause your skin to act up at the last minute. Whether it’s feeling flushed, dry, or you’re having to deal with an unwanted blemish, we have some wedding day skin emergency S.O.S tips to keep your skin calm, cool and collected.

Skin Emergency: Redness

For flushed, blotchy or reddened skin, reach for a calming mask! Ingredients such as aloe, chamomile and green tea can help soothe inflammation and tone down redness in the skin.

Pro tip: Place your products in the refrigerator to provide an extra cooling sensation that helps relieve stress in the skin. For added benefit, grab your jade roller and treat yourself to a cooling massage prior to having your makeup applied!

Skin Emergency: Dryness

The dry, tight skin, masks are also your solution! For skin that feels parched and in need of hydration, look for a mask that contains humectants (water-binding ingredients) such as hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA. Sheet masks are great options as they can deliver a great deal of nourishing serum in a short amount of time.

Pro tip: Choosing water-based hydration instead of oil-containing products can help smooth fine lines and help your makeup apply better and last longer.

Skin Emergency: Blemishes

If you should wake up on your wedding day with an unwelcome visitor in the form of an angry blemish, the most important piece of advice is: DON’T PICK IT! Picking leads to torn skin, which allows fluid and bacteria to seep out, as well as triggering an inflammatory response. The result? A swollen, angrier spot. All of which makes camouflage much more difficult. Makeup artists are pros at creating the look of flawless skin – and it is much easier to conceal a smooth bump than a moist, open wound.

Pro Tip: To treat a last-minute blemish, apply a cold compress before your makeup application as frequently as possible to reduce swelling or inflammation. You can also apply a non-drying antibacterial spot treatment. Your makeup artist will later apply a color-correcting primer over the area to create a smooth surface.

Skin Emergency: Tears of Joy

It is only natural that there will be some tears of joy at a wedding! Apply a cooling hydration-based eye cream to help with any puffiness in the eyes. Take a few minutes to massage the eye area with the ring finger in circular motions around each eye. Additionally, you can use a cold facial roller. Stroke above and below each eye in outward motions, followed by downward strokes on the sides of the face. This encourages fluid drainage. If you do not have access to a roller, you can use a chilled spoon to cool the entire eye area, decreasing puffiness.

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