You are this close to becoming the proud recipient of your hard-earned diploma. You have spent countless hours studying, taken the exams and put in the hard work. To celebrate such a momentous occasion, you’ll undoubtedly want to commemorate your graduation day with friends, family and fellow students. We have compiled our top tips to help your skin be camera ready and enjoy your graduation with happy, healthy skin!

Skin Tip for Graduation #1: Plan Ahead

If you have skin concerns that you would like to address before graduation, we highly recommend that you plan ahead. Seek out a skin care professional that can analyze your skin and help you create a plan to accomplish your skin goals. Consider booking a 3-month series of monthly facials. Be consistent with any home care recommendations provided by your skin therapist and avoid over-experimenting with any new products during this time.

Skin Tip for Graduation #2: Prep and Protect Your Skin

Begin your graduation day with perfectly cleansed skin that is free of leftover makeup, oil, and impurities. Follow with an antioxidant serum and hydrating moisturizer.

Your graduation ceremony may be held outdoors during the hours that the sun is making its strongest appearance. Be sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to all of your exposed areas such as face, ears, neck and decollete.

Pro Tip: A great defense against excess oil is to use blotting papers throughout the day. These are ideal for men and women and can be quickly and easily used to absorb any shine before going on-stage or posing in photos.

Graduation caps can also do more than just give you wild hair. They can also rub and irritate, not to mention creating a hot and humid environment on the forehead, which can cause your skin to feel sweaty and itchy. Minimize irritation and decrease the chance of blemish reactions by applying a protective barrier, such as a water-resistant mineral SPF containing Zinc Oxide or a silicone-based makeup primer.

Skin Tip for Graduation #3: Practice Makes Perfect

Graduates typically receive their cap and gown in advance of ceremonies, so there’s plenty of time to try on these pieces. Dress up a few times prior to graduation to get a feel for how best to wear your cap with your planned hair and makeup looks. It’s never a bad idea to test your outfit and shoes, too!

Skin Tip for Graduation #4: Enjoy!

Most importantly, take a moment for yourself, take a few deep breaths and savor the moment. It is time to relax and dream of your future aspirations.

Pro Tip: If you experience any post-stress skin concerns, return to your skin therapist after the graduation ceremony to calm the skin.

From all of us at Facial Expressions, congratulations to all of the graduates!

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