Stagette Skin Recovery Plan

Prevent Skin Sabotage

A bachelorette party is a great time to celebrate new beginnings, lifelong friendships, and dreams coming true. Whether you’re the bride to be, maid of honor, party planner, or guest, a bachelorette party is sure to be one epic night!

And while girls just wanna have fun, and there are bound to be a few late nights and cocktails, no one wants to compromise their skin right before the main event.

You need a stagette skin recovery plan!

We’ve got you covered with some suggestions for must-have skincare items to include in a skin recovery kit, so you have all the extra goodies you need to keep your skin on track.

Antioxidant Supplements

It’s no secret that your body doesn’t function at its best after a late night. Before the party even begins, take precautions against any anticipated challenges to your health.

Minimize the chance of a dreaded hangover by stocking up on antioxidant supplements, which enable your body to combat some of the oxidative stress and cellular damage caused by late nights and alcohol consumption.

Tip: To minimize the stress on your body, take your supplements with plenty of water before you begin your evening.

Oil Cleanser

If there is one night that you may feel tempted to sleep without removing your makeup, it will likely be the night of the bachelorette! This is NOT the time to risk clogged pores and breakouts by sleeping in your makeup.

Oil cleansers are amazing at quickly dissolving and lifting makeup and have the added bonus of helping to hydrate tired skin. All you need is a few minutes, a gentle washcloth, a few drops of cleansing oil and warm water to rinse. You may be exhausted, but your skin will be very relieved!

Lip Love

All that laughter and wine-drinking during a stagette can leave your lips feeling parched. Apply a renewing and hydrating lip treatment before bed to help nourish and restore moisture overnight.

Tip: Not just for the stagette, a nightly ritual of lip therapy will lead to soft, plump lips and smooth lip colour application on your wedding day. We love Rhonda Allison’s Eye & Lip Renew Serum.

Sheet Mask

Replenish hydration after a night out with a juicy sheet mask. Sheet masks work quickly and effectively to deliver nourishment deeply into the skin via a pre-cut, breathable fabric sheet soaked in a specialized treatment serum. A sheet mask is a quick pick-me-up option that delivers hydration, soothes, brightens, and regenerates in 15-20 mins. (Bonus: they provide an excuse to nap!)

Tip: Although sheet masks can address a wide range of skin concerns, we recommend keeping on hand a hydrating and calming mask that can benefit all skin types. We love ORGAID’s Greek Yogurt Nourishing Mask.

Jade Roller

Jade rollers help stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which are responsible for fluid retention in the skin, among other things. Late nights often result in under-eye puffiness and dark circles – a jade roller can help get that fluid moving, leading to a brighter and tighter complexion.

Tip: On the night of a bachelorette party, place a jade roller in the refrigerator. The extra coolness increases the soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Eye Mask

If a jade roller isn’t enough to soothe and perk up the eyes, a cooling gel eye mask is another option. Restore hydration and combat dark circles in 15-20 minutes. Try refrigerating your eye masks before use!

Share the Love – and the Stagette Skin Recovery Plan

Skin recovery kits can be great gifts for attendees. Travel- and petite-sized products make great options, allowing you to include multiple rescue solutions without breaking the bank. Choose calming and hydrating selections that benefit all skin types.

Your skin and your fellow bachelorettes will thank you for all the nourishing goodies!

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