Beat the Heat with Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is in full force and with it comes hot, humid weather. These environmental factors cause an increase in skin’s sweat and oil production, leading to excess shine, clogged pores, and a general feeling of thickened, rough skin. The secret to successfully beating the summer heat is knowing how to revamp your skincare routine to help your skin remain balanced and protected. We are sharing our most helpful summer skin care tips for keeping your cool.

Cleanse Appropriately 

We may not be able to avoid the heat of summer months; however, we can take proactive steps in our skincare routine to minimize clogged pores and breakouts. An effective summer cleanser is one that can remove excess oils, sweat, makeup, and SPF, without over stripping the skin.

Oil cleansing can be an excellent pre-cleansing step, especially if you regularly wear makeup or have difficulty removing water-resistant SPF products. Oil attracts oil, which can facilitate the removal of long-wear makeup and heavier SPF formulas. Look for emollient cleansers with lightweight oils such as jojoba oil. Avoid heavy cleansing oils such as pure coconut oil that may further clog and irritate pores.

After oil cleansing, a second cleanse is often necessary to remove any leftover residue. For sensitive or dry skin, a gentle milky cleanser is sufficient. For oilier skin types, a pH-friendly gel cleanser is best. 

Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

If warmer temperatures cause your skin to feel hot, oily, or sticky, you might be tempted to skip a moisturizer. But this can lead to even more oil production if the skin is not balanced. Instead of ditching moisturizer altogether, opt for a lightweight formula for the summer. Water-based formulas provide great protection against dehydration while not contributing to clogged pores.

Always Use Sun Protection

Sun protection is a must for guarding the skin against sunburn and photoaging. A mineral sunscreen is a great option, especially for those with sensitive skin. Minerals are naturally anti-inflammatory and do not raise the temperature of the skin, which will help minimize redness in the skin. 

If youthful skin is important to you, remember that no amount of sun exposure is entirely damage-free. Topical sunscreens wear off, sweat off, and wash away with time; always follow your product label instructions for re-application. Protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses should also be used as an added form of protection.

Summer Skin Care Tip: Avoid overexposure to the sun at its peak hours and stay protected. Your skin will thank you.

Keep Your Cool

One of the skin’s primary functions is to regulate body temperature through sweat and circulation. During hot weather, blood vessels dilate, bringing blood flow close to the surface of the skin where it tries to cool off. Extended dilation can weaken the elasticity of blood vessels such that they don’t recover as quickly. This can result in a pink or red tone to the skin.

Certain products and techniques can help cool down the surface of the skin and prevent heat-induced sensitivity and redness. Keep a hydrating mist handy to cool down and rehydrate your skin throughout the day. Calming ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber, green tea, and aloe vera are also great for soothing hot skin.

Storing products and jade rollers in the fridge is another great way to cool down your skin after a long, hot day. Keeping the skin cool will leave the skin calm and happy.

Still looking for ways to cool down? Take a lukewarm or cool shower for a refreshing way to cool off.

What are some of your summer skin care tips and tricks? Share your favorites with us or ask your skin care questions and join the conversation!

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