Feel confident knowing that your makeup is protecting your skin’s well-being.

How? Well, today’s blog delves into the many benefits of mineral makeup for your skin, what we here at Facial Expressions recommend when it comes to choosing mineral makeup, and the special mineral makeup-related gift-with-purchase I’ll be offering until November 30th.

“So Facial Expressions, What Are the Benefits of Mineral Makeup?”

As Vancouver’s skin care expert, I like to think of high-quality mineral makeup as an extension of healthy skin care. Thoughtfully formulated mineral makeup benefits your skin by:

“What Should I Look for When Choosing My Mineral Makeup?”

As mentioned above, one of mineral makeup’s boons is its wide variety of formulas and finishes. Whether you’re seeking something sheer, full courage, matte, or luminous, there’s a mineral makeup out there for you.

Pro tip: never underestimate the power of makeup brushes when it comes to the best application of your mineral makeup. Dome brushes in particular are highly-recommended when it comes to applying loose minerals due to their precision. Looking to make your mineral makeup coverage that much more dewy and natural-looking? Top it with Jane Iredale’s Pommisst Hydration Spray!

In fact, the very best mineral makeup foundation formulas keep their ingredient list simple. What’s a good rule of thumb to use when trying to verify if a mineral makeup foundation is high-quality or not? On top of being selective with their ingredients, high-quality mineral makeup foundation excludes bismuth oxychloride, a known skin irritant that often triggers itching, rashes, and the worsening of acne.

What are Facial Expressions’ top brand recommendations when it comes to choosing mineral makeup? I’m glad you asked.

jane iredale Amazing Base® Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20: weightless and easy to apply with a smooth, natural-looking texture, Amazing Base® Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20 looks great on camera (hello, looking stunning during Zoom meetings!) while feeling like silk on your skin. This airy mineral foundation provides a buildable, sheer-to-medium, luminous finish that diffuses the appearance of fine lines and pores. Perfect for dry or dehydrated skin, Amazing Base® contains marine algae ingredients that help seal your skin with long-lasting hydration.

jane iredale PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20/15: a pressed mineral foundation that is more sheer and matte than its loose powder counterpart, this durable, long-lasting formula makes for a fantastic choice for those looking for a semi-matte finish without looking flat or dry.

Both of these jane iredale mineral powder foundations feature:

Enjoy The Benefits of Mineral Makeup With a Gift With Purchase (Until November 30th!)

Thought that my complimentary jane iredale foundation colour match after any facial treatment service was exciting enough? (And, if you haven’t already heard of it be sure to sign up for the Facial Expressions newsletter to never miss another service announcement!) Enjoy a bonus free mini Pommisst Hydration Spray with the purchase of any jane iredale foundation until November 30th (or while supplies last) Refreshingly lightweight, this hydration spray works to set foundation, conceal pores, and gentle the look of fine lines… all while providing all-day hydration. 

Are you currently using and loving mineral makeup? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

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