With the summer fast approaching and warmer weather on the horizon, a changing of the closet guard is underway, as we begin to swap our chunky knit sweaters and beanies, for breezy cottage core styles.

Your cream floral dress dotted with the tiny forget-me-nots is screaming at you to save it from wardrobe purgatory. Ideal for dressing up or dressing down, the pattern is cute and quaint for your family reunion barbeque, while the low scoop back gives a little je ne sais quoi for your next girls’ night out.

Like a fresh pedicure to transform your toes for sandal weather, your once sweater-laden back is also ready for summertime prep and prime, especially as we begin to don low-back pieces. What does that prep entail, though? How do you know your back needs TLC when it’s impossible to see without straining yourself in the mirror? 

Unless you have eyes in the back of your head, which.. weird, but cool, we’ll take it.

Meet your new best friend: Back Facials. Today, we’ll be addressing what they are, why you need one, the benefits of a back facial, and what to expect when booking your first Bare FX – Back Facial skin treatment, with Facial Expressions Skin Therapy.

What are Back Facials?

In the simplest of terms, a back facial is a skin treatment for your back. Akin to a traditional facial that tackles skincare concerns on the chin, cheeks, and delicate under-eye area, back facials target back-related skin issues.

Besides the occasional back massage or self-tan application (kudos if you self-tan your own back – excuse me while I stretch out this arm cramp), a lot of our energy focuses on taking care of our face, neck, or decolletage, and ignores the back altogether. 

However, a customized back facial places equal importance on an often neglected part of our body. Through a series of cleansers, exfoliation treatments, extractions, and moisturizers, back facials leave your skin smooth, and summer-ready. 

Why Do You Need a Back Facial?

A back facial treatment is a fantastic approach to taking care of your skin any time of the year, but especially before entering the summer months. Warmer weather delivers an increase in back skincare concerns such as rough skin, pimples, and clogged pores from exercise and excessive sweating. Poor eating habits, stress, and hormones also act as frenemies to your skin’s health and can play a role in the development of pesky back zits.

Back facials target skincare needs through a multi-step cleansing and purification process, that sloughs off dead skin, calms inflamed areas, reduces the look of back wrinkles, and decreases sunspots.

What Are The Benefits?

Back facial prepare the skin for backless fashion

Back facials are highly beneficial for cleansing, exfoliating, and treating those hard-to-reach areas of your body, especially for those who suffer from back acne. The treatment mimics the techniques and applications of a traditional facial, taking care of skin issues and concerns while leaving your back refreshed.

The perfect preparation treatment for warmer weather, back facials give you the confidence to flaunt all your favorite low-back numbers in your closet, without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your back. Cute bodysuits, low-back dresses, and bathing suits, oh my!

The coming summer months mean an increased number of summer weddings, as brides debut delicate backless wedding dresses suited to the season. A bridal facial for the back means the blushing bride-to-be feels confident on her wedding day while showcasing the beauty and style of her wedding dress.

What Should You Expect During Your Back Facial with Facial Expressions Skin Therapy?

With Facial Expressions Vancouver, our Back Facial Treatment focuses on a relaxed, yet results-driven skin treatment, and is perfect for first-time clients seeking an introduction to our services.

Here is a complete breakdown of our Back Facial Treatment:

  1. Oil pre-cleansing – softens and prepares the skin for the next steps
  2. Cleansing – lifts impurities 
  3. Micro-exfoliation gel – softens, smooths, & stimulates rejuvenation 
  4. Extractions – reduces troublesome blockages across the surface of your back
  5. High-frequency session – mildly antiseptic; warms and stimulates, supporting increased cell metabolism
  6. Custom-blended peptide and niacinamide treatment –  boosts the skin’s natural defenses, and encourages a healthy microbiome
  7. Vitamin-enriching moisturizer (Vitamins A, C, and E) – nourishes & strengthens the skin’s barrier

Your back deserves as much love as the rest of your body this summertime. This season, take your back from Not to Hot Girl Summer with a Back Facial Treatment with Facial Expressions Skin Therapy. Book yours today!

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