Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

“Winter skin” is commonly used to describe the skin flare-ups that December’s colder air tends to bring with it: whether it be breakouts, eczema, age spots, or dry patches, the last thing you’d want this holiday season is to be grappling with your skinespecially after dialing in your skin care during the Fall!

Today I’ll be walking you through the winter skin care tips that will keep your skin glowing all December long… whether that be on your own at home or with the help of Facial Expressions Skin Therapy!

Winter Skin Care Tips That You Can Implement From Home Starting Today

No one wants to deal with the rodeo that is winter skin on top of maskne, right? Right! That’s exactly why I’ve compiled the strategies below that you can start integrating into your day-to-day ASAP.

    • Invest in a Humidifier: Guilty of cranking the temperature in your bedroom to get yourself through those chilly December nights? You’re not alone, which is exactly why a humidifier is the perfect investment if you’re looking to keep dryness at bay.  New York City dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank puts it best in his interview with Allure concerning how humidifiers benefit the skin— “A humidifier allows us to control the environment, which is a great way to control the skin […] Skin is our largest organ, and heat is naturally very drying, so it’s important to keep air hydrated.”
    • Skip Those Steamy Showers: Think a long, hot shower is the way to clear your pores and give your skin the deep-clean it deserves? Think again. Hot showers can strip your skin of its natural oils and, in turn, result in breakouts due to your skin over-producing oil to compensate. Limit your shower time to 5-10 minutes instead (and keep that temperature dial set to “medium”!)
    • Switch to Cream or Oil-Based Cleansers: Keep your skin hydrated and nourished with gentle, fragrance-free cream or oil-based cleansers that fight against general skin irritation. Facial Expressions’s pick? The Environ EssentiA Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil. This mild pre-cleanser bolsters your cleansing regimen by eliminating excess sebum, impurities, and makeup… all without leaving behind an oily residue.  
    • Keep it Classic— Stay Hydrated: Every winter skin care tips compilation hails staying hydrated, and I can’t disagree. Reduce puffiness, keep skin hydrated, and maintain your pH balance by aiming for 2.7 litres (that’s roughly 11 cups!) of water per day. 
    • Seek Out Serums Rich in Vitamins A, C, and E: Since winter oftentimes sees an uptick in colds and flus, supplementing both your skin and your body with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as D will work to bolster your complexion and your overall health. Environ Skincare echoes the importance of replenishing your Vitamin A levels in particular to keep your skin resilient all winter long. 


How Facial Expressions Can Take Your Winter Skin Care to the Next Level

While Facial Expressions’ physical location will be closed from December 24th – January 6th for my annual winter break, in the meantime I am here both virtually and in-person to ensure that your winter skin care is fully realized (and that you get beautiful skin out of it!)

How can I help?

    • Book a Winter-Oriented Skin Consult With Me Today: Available both in-person and online for your convenience,  discover the root of your skin concerns with Facial Expressions’ comprehensive evaluation of your skin. As a bonus, both consultations are free with any product purchase of $250 or more!
    • Enjoy a Signature FX Facial: The embodiment of the customized experience Facial Expressions is known for, each Signature FX Facial is 100% bespoke; that means it’s tailored to your specific skin concerns, skin needs, and current stage of your skin transformation journey. Whether it be aging gracefully, combating acne, calming pigmentation, or anything in between, my high-performance technology, formulas, and expertise come together to create a skin transformation experience that is wholly your own.
      • Pro tip: Pair your consult with a follow-up Signature FX Facial to get the most in-depth results available.
    • Get Into the Holiday Spirit With My Home Facial Kits: Whether it be indulging for yourself or a loved one, the Facial Expressions home facial kit line is the perfect pick-me-up this holiday season. Each is esthetician-formulated to expertly target skin concerns from the comfort of your own home—  the Signature Facial Kit for a firming and rejuvenating experience for mature skin; the Elemental Facial Kit for mega-doses of hydration, suitable for dry and sensitive skin types; the Clarity Facial Kit, crafted to tackle congestion and breakouts with its professional-strength combination of acne-fighting products; and, last but certainly not least, the limited edition Home For The Holidays Kit, custom-built to order to indulge all your senses (and your skin!) 
    • Leaf Through Facial Expressions’ Series of Winter Skin-Related Blogs: Looking for more free winter skin care tips? Look no further than Facial Expressions’ reservoir of winter skin-related blogs, ranging all the way from general body care during the winter months to why hydration is your skin’s holy grail throughout December.

Happy Holidays, Vancouver!

The best gift this holiday season has been your consistent support and sense of community. 

Have any further questions or comments regarding your winter skin care this December? Reach out today!

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